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Veenhof Lecture: Access to knowledge in cuneiform culture
Speaker: Eleanor Robson
Access to knowledge in cuneiform culture: case studies from Tell Khaiber and Kish

The recently excavated Iraqi marshland site of Tell Khaiber has yielded nearly 150 cuneiform tablets of the Sealand period, all documented in situ. By contrast, the northern Babylonian city of Kish, dug on a large scale in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, has produced many thousands of decontextualised tablets that have rarely been studied systematically. In this talk I will draw on my recently completed editorial work for the Ur Regional Archaeology Project, and a collaboration just beginning for the Nahrein Network, to ask: What can those two very different assemblages of historical evidence tell us about how written knowledge was transmitted and accessed in antiquity, and the practices and ethics of Assyriological publication and communication today?

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Dec 2, 2022 05:00 PM in Amsterdam

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